College Code : D726
CET Code : D663


Criteria wise additional information

1. Curricular Aspects

1.1.1 a Link for Minutes of the meeting of the college curriculum committee <Click here>
1.1.2a Link for details of participation of teachers in various bodies : <Click here>
1.3.1 Link for list of courses with their descriptions <Click here>
1.3.2 scanned copy of completion certificate of field visits/Clinical / industry internships/research projects/industry visits/community postings from the organization where internship was completed <Click here>


2.Teaching-learning and Evaluation

2.2.3a Beyond the Classroom Activities <Click here>
2.2.3b Beyond the Classroom Activities: Participant list <Click here>
2.3.1 Learning environment facilities with geotagging <Click here>
2.3.5 The teaching learning process <Click here>
2.4.4 Web-link to the contents delivered by the faculty hosted in the HEI’s website <Click here>
2.5.1 Dates of conduct of internal assessment examination <Click here>
2.5.1 Academic calendar <Click here>
2.5.3 Information on examination reforms <Click here>


3.Research, Innovations and Extension2.Teaching-learning and Evaluation
3.1.1 Recognized PG guide list <Click here>
3.1.2 Conference awards <Click here>
3.2.1 a Link for details of the facilities and innovations made <Click here>
3.2.1 b Webinar report Intellectual Property Rights. <Click here>
3.3.3 a Web-link provided by institution in the template which redirects to the journal webpage published in UGC notified list <Click here>
3.4.3a Link for list of awards for extension activities in the last 5 year <Click here>
3.4.3b Link for e-copies of the award letters <Click here>
3.4.4 Link for details of Institutional social responsibility activities in the neighbourhood community during the last 5 years <Click here>


4.Infrastructure and Learning Resources
4.1.1 Link for list of available teaching-learning facilities such as Classrooms, Laboratories, ICT enabled facilities including Teleconference facilities etc., mentioned above. <Click here>
4.1.1 b Link for geotagged photographs Classrooms, Laboratories, ICT enabled facilities <Click here>
4.1.2 a Link for list of available sports and cultural facilities <Click here>
4.1.2 b Link for geotagged photographs sports and cultural facilities <Click here>
4.1.3 Link for photographs/ Geotagging of Campus facilities <Click here>
4.2.1a List of facilities available for patient care, teaching-learning and research <Click here>
4.2.1b Facilities as per the stipulations of the respective Regulatory Bodies with Geotagging <Click here>
4.2.2 a Hospital records / Hospital Management Information System <Click here>
4.3.1 Geotagged photographs of library facilities <Click here>
4.3.2 a Geotagged photographs of library ambiance <Click here>
4.3.2 b Data on acquisition of books journals  in the library. <Click here>
4.3.5 a Details of library usage by teachers and students <Click here>
4.3.5 b Link for details of learner sessions / Library user programmes organized <Click here>
4.3.6 links e-content repository used by the teachers <Click here>
4.4.2a Documents related to updation of IT and Wi-Fi facilities <Click here>
4.5.2 a Minutes of the meetings of the Maintenance Committee <Click here>
4.5.2 b Log book or other records regarding maintenance works <Click here>
5.Student Support and Progression
5.1.2a Institutional website: <Click here>
5.1.2b Institutional website: Brochure for Add-On Courses <Click here>
5.1.3 institutional website. Web link to particular program or scheme mentioned in the metric <Click here>
5.3.3 Additional Information: Certificates <Click here>
5.4.1a Frequency of meetings of Alumni Association with minutes <Click here>
5.4.1b Details of Alumni Association activities <Click here>
5.4.1c Audited statement of accounts of the Alumni Association <Click here>
5.4.1d Lin for quantum of financial contribution Not applicable


6.Governance, Leadership and Management
6.1.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership Vision and Mission documents approved by the College bodies <Click here>
6.1.1b Achievements which led to Institutional excellence <Click here>
6.2.1a Strategic Plan document(s)- Academic Calendar <Click here>
6.2.1b Organisation Structure and List of Committees <Click here>
6.2.1c Minutes of the College Council/ other relevant bodies for deployment/ deliverables of the strategic plan <Click here>
6.2.1d IQAC Minutes of Meetings <Click here>
6.3.1a Policy document on the welfare measures <Click here>
6.3.1b1 List of beneficiaries of welfare measures: Teaching <Click here>
6.3.1b2 List of beneficiaries of welfare measures: Non-teaching <Click here>
6.3.3 a List of participants <Click here>
6.3.4 E-copy of the certificate of the program attended by teacher <Click here>
6.3.5 Performance appraisal system <Click here>
6.4.1 Resource mobilization policy document duly approved by College Council/other administrative bodies <Click here>
6.4.2 Documents pertaining to internal and external audits year-wise for the last five years <Click here>
6.5.1a structure and mechanism for Internal Quality Assurance <Click here>
6.5.1b minutes of the IQAC meetings <Click here>


7.Institutional Values and Best Practices
7.1.2a Specific facilities provided for women in terms of a. Safety and security b. Counselling c. Common Rooms d. Day care centre for young children <Click here>
7.1.2b Annual gender sensitization action plan: Annual Report <Click here>
7.1.4a Agreements/MoUs with Government and other approved agencies <Click here>
7.1.4b geotagged photographs of the facilities <Click here>
7.1.5: Water conservation facilities available in the Institution <Click here>
7.1.6: Green campus initiatives: Geotag photos <Click here>
7.1.7: The Institution has disabled-friendly, barrier-free environment <Click here>
7.1.8: Describe the Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment <Click here>
7.1.9: Code of conduct handbook <Click here>
7.19 d Excerpt from Institutional policy – code of conduct <Click here>
7.1.10 The Institution celebrate national and international commemorative days, events and festival <Click here>
7.2.1 Best Practices page in the Institutional website <Click here>
7.3.1 Institutional Distinctiveness <Click here>

8.Dental Part

8.1.12a Establishment of Dental Education List of teachers year-wise who participated in the seminars/conferences/ workshops <Click here>
8.1.12b Establishment of Dental Education List of seminars year-wise <Click here>