College Code : D726
CET Code : D663

Academic Excellence & Objectives

Commitment. Sincerity. Integrity.

These are the quality that drive our college and its people forward, because only by possessing these sensibility can you begin to achieve your true potentials. choosing the right college in one of the most important and exciting decisions you’ll make. It will shape your future and directly affect your career path. Sharavathi Education trust offers a range of course that are in par; if not amongst the best and most comprehensive in the area of dentistry.

With the dental college being our mainstay and focal point, we have managed to established and create a diverse and dynamic community for our students and academic staff to enjoy. our syllabus is in-depth yet concise and our teaching staff is arguably the most prolific lecturers in the field today.

  • We will strive to maintain an excellent reputation for the highest quality of study and research, for academic excellence, and for the quality of our alumni.
  • We will continue to serve the state of Karnataka and India using our skills and knowledge and drawing on our reputation to promote educational, medical, and social well-being.
  • We will attract and welcome students of the highest ability to learn the in- depth study of dentistry in all its facets and practices, while offering encouragement and support to them and to all the staff who work with them.
  • We will continue the tradition of making a university education available to the members of any community able to benefit from it.
  • We will, through changing times, maintain an unswerving commitment to medical excellence, wisdom, and academic freedom.