College Code : D726
CET Code : D663

Periodontology and Implantalogy

Aim ;
Aim of the department of Periodontology & Implantology,SDCH,Shimoga is to train Graduate & Post graduate Students to be able to achieve successful career in Clinical practice; research& dental education by providing Contemporary knowledge & Clinical Proficiency in Periodontology.

Course description /Program description

Department has formal recognition for training of UG/PG students & Combines Academic study; Clinical skills training & research & offers exceptional ,innovative teaching with a wealth of academic  expertise. Students are trained on the Scientific  basis to recognize & treat periodontal diseases for patients at all stages of severity involving multidisciplinary approaches & integrated periodontal treatment / care.

Facilities provided include –

  1. Scaling &Root planning ,
  2. Splinting procedures,
  3. Host modulation therapy & Local drug delivery procedures including placement of Periochip.
  4. Flap surgeries,
  5. Minimally invasive – surgical/non-surgical procedures,
  6. Regenerative surgeries (Osseous and soft tissues)
  7. Root form Implant placement,
  8. Root coverage procedures,
  9. Ridge augmentation procedures,
  10. Advanced Surgical procedures for implant placement – Sinus lifting procedure, Ridge Expansion Etc.

Specific Emphasis is placed on various high-level techniques & procedures which involve – High end & advanced equipment’s including–

  1. Electro-Cautery
  2. LASERS – which are required in Esthetic – prosthetic Mucogingival surgeries, preparatory bone augmentation procedures, gingival depigmentation, Photo dynamic therapy, Photo bio modulation therapy, Endo- Perio/Perio surgeries involving minimal blood loss, minimal pain & accelerated wound healing .

Department of Periodontology & Implantology
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