College Code : D726
CET Code : D663



Sports Day & numerous competitions are held each curriculum. College Teams had indulged in several inter collegiate and university stage games and contests and had attained noticeable victories. Sports performs an integral role in inscribing the importance of obedience, self-motivation, answerability, accountability, sacrifice and devotion inside the student. These impeccable qualities may not be accessed so easily during the long enduring hours of classes but are certain to blossom during the long phase.

The college has maintained its name in the various sports and games events happening across the globe.  Wide, well equipped play arenas for sports and games such as football, volleyball and basketball are rendered to built generous talent and general fitness. Shuttle and table tennis are sported with high spirit, in the hostels.

The Sports Activities are one which cannot be separated from a student’s life during their college phase as it plays a crucial role in molding the lifestyle of a candidate. The core route is to render services and procedures that encourages growth, advancement that helps to keep their bodies trim and fit at ease.


  • Multi gym facility
  • Play ground for cricket , football and volley ball
  • Indoor Games ( Chess, shuttle badminton, carom and Table Tennis)