College Code : D726
CET Code : D663

Best Practices


Advancing Dental Excellence: Integrating Doctoral Studies and Postgraduate Training at Sharavathi College as best practices.

Sharavathi College cultivates dental excellence through an integrated approach, merging doctoral studies and postgraduate entrance exam training. The Centre for Doctoral Studies aims to generate new knowledge, enhance critical thinking skills, and promote expertise in specialized dental research areas. Simultaneously, the institution prepares students for postgraduate entrance exams, ensuring a seamless transition from BDS to advanced studies.

In doctoral studies, scholars engage in original research, adhere to ethical conduct, and contribute to global dental literature. The strategic objectives include collaboration, knowledge dissemination, and the development of critical thinking skills, aligning with Sharavathi College’s mission to elevate dental education standards.

Complementing this, the Postgraduate Entrance Exam Training Program adopts a subject-wise, strategic approach, emphasizing content mastery, efficient time management, and strategic exam approaches. Regular assessments, performance analysis, and personalized feedback contribute to the program’s success, measured by NEET eligibility, MDS admission rates, and student achievements in competitive specialties.

This holistic integration ensures that Sharavathi College emerges as a hub for cutting-edge dental research and education, nurturing skilled professionals for the future of dentistry.