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CET Code : D663

Public Health Dentistry

Department of public health dentistry caters to the oral health needs of community in particular and public at large. The department aims at continuing high quality education to the undergraduates, innovative research in different thrust areas and outreach education through various extension activities. The department also strives to take quality oral health care to the rural community and to promote oral health education and improve the standard of life.

The department of public health dentistry at SDC&H since its inception is one of the proactive departments offering quality dental services to the community. The Dept comprises of a team of dedicated doctors who provide the dental services. Peripheral dental clinics at Satellite centers provide free dental screening and treatment on weekdays. In addition patients receive oral health education, Diet counseling and preventive services. Dental camps are conducted regularly conducted by SDC&H to ensure service is delivered. The Department is actively involved in social activities by organizing and participating in Rallies and Workshop, outreach programs on occasion of important Health event days.


A team of dedicated faculty is involved in the teaching of undergraduate students. The subject is taught in the 3rd and 4th year of BDs course and the exam is conducted at the end of 4th year.

Theory teaching is on need based curriculum. The clinical aspect includes recording indices, preparation of oral health education material in the form of posters, models and charts.

Field visits and dental camps to cater to the needy population are an integral part of the practical based teaching process for ensuring incorporation of oral health care in the existing health infrastructure with due consideration to rural exposure to the graduating students


  1. Equipped with state of the art dental chairs.
  2. Mobile dental van.
  3. 3 peripheral satellite centers.
  4. Adopted schools.
  5. Adopted orphanages.


Teaching Staff and Undergraduate students regularly participate in the CDE programmes, state level workshops, symposiums and conferences. Staff and UG’s actively participate in Sports and Cultural Events.


  1. Community Outreach programs-DENTISTRY ON WHEELS”
  2. Peripheral Dental care and Referral through Satellite centers.
  3. Integrated teaching methods and Clinical Skill Development for UG’s.


  1. Organizing National level subject specialty conference.
  2. Collaboration with National and International NGO’s

Satellite centres :

4 satellite centres at Matthur, Bhadravati, Tammadihalli and Kumsi are present where students render dental treatments to the economically weaker sections of the society.

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Department of Public Health Dentistry
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