College Code : D726
CET Code : D663


Anti Ragging:

This Committee will look into any type of ragging which may take place in the college premises. We have informer all the students of the college in this regard. We will assure you that this committee will take suitable steps in curbing the menace of ragging.

  • Ragging is banned in the Campus.
  • There is a Committee consisting of senior faculty members, etc., to keep vigil over ragging and to prevent it.
  • Students should note that ragging is a cognizable criminal offense and those indulge in it or encourage it will be handed over to the law as per Supreme Court of India order SLP(C) No. 24295 /2004.
  • Any act of teasing, abusing, asking any student to do any act, which he/she would not do in the ordinary course which results in physical, physiological and psychological harm is defined as ragging. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  • Criminal proceedings will be initiated against those who indulge in ragging.


The following teaching staff members (both medical & dental) of Sharavathi dental college & hospital, Shimoga are appointed as the academic committee members.

Academic Committee Members:

Anti Ragging Committee:

  1. Dr Samrat M R – (PRINCIPAL)- Chairman
  2. Srinidhi MS- (VICE PRINCIPAL)- Member
  3. Prashanth Babaji- (Professor) – Member
  4. Shivakaumar B.N. (Professor) – Member
  5. Purushottam R (Professor) – Member
  6. 6. Mr. Raghavendra. (Sr lecturer) Member

Women’s welfare:

Women’s welfare committee is a vital part of Sharavathi education trust ( SET) which works collaboratively with Women Cell for the welfare of the women. Women’s welfare committee focuses on the academic/non-academic issues pertaining to the women in our campus. In concert with Students’ Council, women’s welfare committee ensures the comfortable stay of the women students in the campus. Women students are encouraged to share their views. Any member of the committee can be contacted for any kind of problems faced by woman students in the campus. Kindly drop your email for your suggestions at any of the active members of the Women’s welfare committee mentioned underneath.